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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and Jew Death Cults
« on: October 02, 2012, 07:00:51 PM »
The jew after infiltrating babylon and leaving it had set up a atlantean-mythology based on Tiamat worship. It was here that the false dialectic began.
The body of the shapeshifting dragon queen(as shown in the kabballah of the serpent traversing the Sephirot) was the sum collective race/caste of the jew.
Ever since then the battle has been of abrahamic religions vs masonic babylonian religions. Anything to take attention away from the the shapeshifting lizard jew.
8)Bauer Rothschild was part of that jew Tiamat witch sex cult. It sees itself as the jew mind of the jew collective body. Cooper never pointed this out and was too busy falling for the nazi's behind it all bollox the masonic element was feeding him via caji ... ddess.html

410. Another one then continued with the text: "from my flesh shall I see Eloha [the Goddess]" (Iyov 19:26). What is "my flesh"? He should have said 'myself.' "From my flesh" is definitely correct. What is the meaning of "and the holy flesh is passed from you..." (Yirmeyah 11:15), and: "and my covenant shall be in your flesh..." (Beresheet 17:13). We have learned that as long as a man is stamped by the holy imprint of this sign, then from within it he can actually see the Holy One, blessed be He, and the holy soul remains attached to him in the sign of the covenant.

    411. But if he is not deserving, because he did not preserve this sign, what is written of him? "By the breath (or, soul) of Eloha they perish..." (Iyov 4:9), because the imprint of the Holy One, blessed be He, has not been preserved. If he has the merit of preserving it, then the Shechinah [feminine aspect of God] shall never depart from him.

    412. When does it reside within him? When he marries, and this sign enters to its place. Then they are attached together, and are called by one name, and supernal Chesed rests upon them. Where does it rest? It rests at the side of the male. And what is Chesed? It is Chesed that comes forth from the supernal Chochmah and adorns the male as a crown over his head. And by these, the female is sweetened.

    413. And we have learned further the name Eloha (El-Vav-Hei) is [also] interpreted as follows: El is the Light of Chochmah, Vav is the male, and Hei is the female. They are attached together and are called Eloha. So the holy soul [Shekinah] clings to this place, and everything depends on the sign.

    414. Hence the words, "from my flesh shall I see Eloha," represent overall completion, because it is "from my flesh", my own, the actual sign of the covenant. Therefore, happy are the holy Yisrael who are united with the Holy One, blessed be He; happy is their portion in this world and the world to come. Of them, it is written: "You that cleave to Hashem your Elohim are alive every one of you this day" (Devarim 4:4)."

    The Shechinah is the sacrifice (derived from 'bringing near') for the Holy One, blessed be He, since She comes near to Him with each limb of the King, with the total connection of male and female, with all the limbs which there are. Some are from the head: eyes to eyes; ears to ears; nose to nose; face to face, mouth to mouth. This is like, "and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes" (II Melachim 4:34); with this he resurrected the child. And so the hands of the King with the hands of the Queen, body to body. And with all His limbs, the sacrifice is complete.

    32. A man without a wife is a half body, and the Shechinah does not rest upon him. So is the Holy One, blessed be He, when not in proximity with the Shechinah and with all Yisrael since they are virtuous men, since they are His limbs. Then the cause of all causes, does not rest there, and it is as if the Holy One, blessed be He is not One, as He is not with the Shechinah. Outside of the land of Yisrael, where the Shechinah is removed from Her husband, they said: 'He who dwells outside the land of Yisrael is like one who has no Elohim, since there are no sacrifices outside the land of Yisrael'. And when the Holy One, blessed be He joins with the Shechinah, this verse is fulfilled: "on that day Hashem shall be One, and His Name One" (Zecharyah 14:9). Then the cause of all causes dwells upon them. - Zohar 16:7 this sense we can understand why low level jews who are the physical material policy enforcers(the body of the serpent) believe they are gods chosen, whilst (the mind of) the serpent jew witch cult believe they are the goddess's chosen. In the mind of the jew they are literally anti god manifestation. The low level doesnt know it and is mindless yet influenced by the innercore who does know it. This is where we get the atheist secular element to judaism which is satanic. Anything which the inner element can get to project onto the world as anti god and pro void.

The german death cults which cooper/AJ is so fond of denigrating are in fact german yiddish ashkenazi kabballah death cults of the jew inner party going back via the khazars and eventually to their time in captivity in babylon and Tiamat.

.......put simply so the retarded element can understand.

Khazar Jew = Mind of Jew collective body = Inner Party
Non Khazar/Sephardic Jew = Body of Jew collective body = Outer Party
Goyim = Food = Prolertariat

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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Some good research here, mgt23.  :up: I guess Fatboy wasn't making it up after all; although, he has used this information maliciously and disingenuously.
The Fitzpatrick Informer:

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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.......note the jew composite devil references and use of the kaballah and the addition of the masonic atlantean references.

The new religion to come apparently. Quite mainstream.

What isnt mentioned is that Hecate is in fact Heqet of Egyption origin and really has been corrupted by the jew into a jew composite.


04:30........the serpent worship penetrated Judaism and Yahweh was a serpent(aka seporot)......shown on roman coins.
026:26.........early gnostic Christians were serpent worshipers......Jesus was a serpent......and he was fed snake venom and wine on the cross
 036:35..........jews and christians at nicea turned the serpent into the devil and satan. wants return to serpent worship, makes point again that jesus was a serpent

. ... rdiner.htm
Philip Gardiner

    About the Author

About the Author

Philip Gardiner    

Philip Gardiner has been described variously as - the anti-Christ, the Devil incarnate, a seeker after truth, shocking, the most interesting interviewee ever, challenging, controversial, the new Salman Rushdie, and was even banned from the United Arab Emirates.

Philip has acted as an advisor to various authors and radio programmes regarding mythology and history as well as having ghost written many articles for various magazines.


Philip is married with two children and lives in the heart of Robin Hood country in England. He has a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing and 9 diploma’s ranging from Personnel Management through to Holistic Medicine and the craft of Etymology. Although he has been asked on numerous occasions to become “a member” of several institutions, Philip has strictly refused on the grounds of independence – seeing membership of certain organisations as being overtly influential on his research and understanding of the truths of mankind. Philip believes that some authors/researchers have been lead into membership of institutions or “societies” and are therefore of questionable authority. His background in the history of propaganda and the ancient and ongoing manipulation of mankind tell him that such things do indeed occur. He has however joined (upon being requested) a couple of what are known as secret societies in-order to find out what was happening inside – the conclusions of these journalistic forays appear in his books and he is no longer a member of any organisation.

Before retiring to dedicate his time to researching and writing, Philip was a Marketing Director and owner of a company in the UK. Part of this role included giving lectures on the art and history of marketing and propaganda to various organisations including certain government bodies and companies.

Philip began his writing career with a book entitled Proof? Does God Exist?: Is There Any Evidence for the Existence of God?  Published in 2002 and followed this up with his best selling The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed, which launched in the UK and immediately outsold.

In his book The Shining Ones he set about proving a theory regarding an ancient priesthood called The Shining Ones who developed into the worlds' most powerful and ancient secret society. Philip uses history, etymology, archaeology, mythology, symbolism and his own expertise of propaganda to prove his theories. During the launch he appeared on over 200 radio programmes, tv and in the general media during this launch. Gardiner was called by several of these articles "the next Graham Hancock."

The next stage in his work was The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life (Watkins Publishing released The Serpent Grail worldwide in September 2005), co-authored with Gary Osborn, which delves back in time to actually discover the most remarkable of secrets - the Holy Grail, the Philosophers Stone and the Elixir of life - as well as uncovering a worldwide cult that spawned the whole thing.  One television company called the book "The most important story on the planet."

British Museum - Bowl with serpents

Following this Gardiner and Osborn have uncovered yet further secrets, which will simply amaze the world. They will reveal a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid, the truth about Ley Lines the world over, the hidden secret of the world's Royalty, answers to all paranormal phenomena and much more.

Gardiner and Osborn are currently writing the script for a major television documentary about their discoveries.


Copyright 2005 by Philip Gardiner
All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

    AKH – the Seed-Point and ‘Seed-Stone’ of Creation by Gary Osborn and Philip Gardiner

    The Ark, the Shroud, and Mary by Philip Gardiner

    Opening the Ark of the Covenant by Frank Joseph

    Atlantis by Philip Gardiner

    The Serpent Sword by Philip Gardiner

    The Secret History of King Arthur and Robin Hood by Philip Gardiner

    Secret of Solomon Temple by Philip Gardiner

    The Science of God by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn

    The Gridlines of Force by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn

    More Articles: ... ticle.html (external link)

The Ark, the Shroud and Mary: The Untold Truths About the Relics of the Bible    

The Ark, the Shroud, and Mary
by Philip Gardiner

Related Links:

    The Ark, the Shroud, and Mary by Philip Gardiner

    Opening the Ark of the Covenant by Frank Joseph

Unravelling the Ark, the Shroud and Mary - the truth is here...

Here's a couple of reviews:

Last I knew, the Ark was in Ethiopia where Graham Hancock had tracked it down to. Man was I wrong. This DVD (and the book) completely blew all that away and so much more. In fact, it really did make the other theories look almost mad. Gardiner has a way of making things that are incredibly profound appear so logical - because they are. The truth of all this has almost been right in front of our eyes and yet we all missed it. Brilliant DVD that I could watch again and again - come to think of it, I will right now.

Robert Kintrade, Edinburgh, 32rd degree

Just when you think that Gardiner couldn't come up with anymore secrets he does it again with this beautiful DVD. Not only is it profoundly insightful and full of revelations that made me personally sit bolt upright, but it is also full of fantastic music and incredible imagery. Once again we follow Gardiner on his global treck as he traverse Egypt, Ethiopia, India and Europe to evaporate one theory after another and bring to us some remarkable and brand new insights. I will never read the Bible or see the Shroud in the same way again - simply mind blowing.

Rev. John Sinclair, Prague

* * *

From the new book and DVD - The Ark, The Shroud and Mary by Philip Gardiner

In the last few years I have researched and written on several ancient and not so ancient mysteries. I have delved into the black heart of Nazi secret societies and uncovered the existence of the present day Holy Vehm; I have sought out the secret of Solomon’s Temple and come away with sacred paths; I have even caused huge controversy in the realm of serpent lore. But, there were certain mysterious relics, existent and non-existent, that I had no intention of trying to disentangle and two of these were the Ark of the Covenant and the Shroud of Turin. Fate however often has a peculiar habit of dealing out joker cards and I pulled out a whole pack of them.

It all started in Winchester, England. I was there to give a speech. Having stayed the night before in a hotel, I awoke early and decided to take a walk around the wonderful cathedral to kill time.

I took with me my new digital camera in the hope that I might get some shots for a DVD I was working on at the time called Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed released by Reality Entertainment. Walking around like a zombie tourist with my eyes peeled for images of the Temple, Solomon, Sheba and all-manner of esoteric devices I eventually arrived at a beautiful image of Prudence holding aloft a serpent and with two faces, one of a man and one of a woman. It was the beauty of Oneness, of the dual nature in man united by the power or energy of the inner serpent - a concept widely spoken of in literature and on the internet. This was something Gnostics and mystics have spoken of for hundreds of years. I took a few photographs and then noticed something else. To the left on the same mausoleum was a beautiful image of Moses and the Jews carrying the Ark of the Covenant across and before the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It was a wonderful picture and something inside told me that there was a secret being told, especially as this was part of the same creative work of art as the Prudence statuette. And so I walked around the whole thing and on the other side discovered another carving, this time of Jesus emerging from the tomb with his Shroud about him. At that moment all the research I had done on the ancient mysteries came together in one blinding flash of inspiration and I suddenly realised the truth of the Ark. It struck me there and then that the whole design was an esoteric work of art, revealing the Ark of the Old Testament and the one of the new. In the following months I gathered around me all the books and sources available on the Ark, the Shroud and the sacred feminine principle of Mary.

You see the Ark itself I found was derived from a much older tradition, stretching right back into Egypt and beyond and the reason for this was because it was a natural part of man himself. Solar b’arques or Arks would daily travel through the Otherworld carrying the deity and bringing him back for new life the following day. It was a re-creative process of the sun, and internally of our very selves, as we too disappear mentally in the darkness of sleep. The sun of God would travel into darkness and re-emerge with new life each day. In the same way God himself was encased in the Ark of the Covenant and would be seen as the shining light of the sun. In the same way God as Jesus was placed in the Otherworld or Underworld tomb within the Shroud, which then carried his image, placed there by light. And Mary too, was the one who would carry the divine within her womb, to bring forth the light once again.

All of this esoteric language was united in symbolism, but I wanted more. I knew that man in his various ways had always manifested the inner world in art, architecture, music and texts and so I wanted to know; had man manifested these symbolic objects such as the Ark or Shroud physically?

My research lead me through a world that many before had travelled and yet I discovered that there had been such a lot of information missed, because the links had not been understood properly. There is simply not enough space in one article to reveal all the discoveries and so I will choose one element – the Shroud.

Ever since the carbon dating of the infamous Shroud of Turin in the 1980’s, which placed the linen cloth in the 13th/14th centuries, many had presumed that was the end of the tale. Others had stated that the image was that of Leonardo da Vinci or even that of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar. However, the evidence I discovered would throw this dating out of the window and bring it back again into the 1st century AD. It appears that following the carbon dating, many researchers had shown how the scientists themselves had not been telling the whole truth and had in fact known which of the various test linens was from the Shroud. This itself discredits the tests in many ways. However, the Shroud of Turin Research Project found that the image was in fact not made up of any physical substance such as paint or pigment. It was in fact an alteration of the surface of the linen by some effect of light or radiation, something which also makes linen turn yellow.

In a letter to the editor of Nature magazine on 16th February 1989 Dr. Thomas J. Phillips of Harvard University posited the following explanation that the body of the man in the Shroud:

"…may have radiated neutrons, which would have irradiated the Shroud and changed some of the nuclei to different isotopes by neutron capture."

In fact, what I discovered was that an altered state of consciousness brought on by beating or other forms of physical extreme could also excite the atoms within the body, stimulating heat generation. This process I discovered also aids the escape of neutrons from the atom, thus causing neutron radiation as proposed by Dr. Phillips. Add into this the embalming fluids used on the body and a process of magnification aided in the creation of the almost photographic image on the Shroud itself.

This neutron radiation would in fact have ruined any possible chance of dating the Shroud correctly and now places it back again in the 1st century as I reveal in the book.

I was now coming to some peculiar conclusions. Could it be, I wondered, that the image on the Shroud was that of an adept who had been in a state of ecstasy and who had emitted radiation?

The man in the Shroud had been beaten to a pulp, nailed to a cross and was surely near death.

There is little wonder that the Ark, the Shroud and indeed even the God-bearer herself – Mary – were all depicted in art as emitting light – for they all carried the symbol of the sun - the light. They were all esoteric devices of a truly human experience that has been misinterpreted for hundreds of years because of our own perceptions. Linked with the life giving rays of our own solar power the union of these devices is one of the most profound stories on planet earth and it is the subject of the journey to discover them that is in the forthcoming Book and DVD The Ark, The Shroud and Mary.

Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed (UK - now selling)

Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed (US - coming soon)
by Philip Gardiner

Paperback 300 pages (November 1, 2005)

Publisher: Radikal Phase Publishing House Ltd

Language: English

ISBN: 1904126049

In 2005 Philip Gardiner and his co-author Gary Osborn brought to the world the secret of the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone with international acclaim. For the first time somebody cut across the trend and revealed the truth. Now in this exciting and incredibly thought provoking work, Gardiner reveals the truth behind Solomon's Temple. For generations scholars and researchers have tried in vain to discover this fabled edifice, only to be confronted by one problem after another. All the problems raised by these disparate and often desperate people have now been fully answered and can be revealed to the world. From the Queen of Sheba to the arcane secrets of the Christian Gnostics; from the Muslim Sufi to the Hindu Avatars, this book weaves a tale so profound and so precise that it will re-write not only the history of this "Temple to the Lord", but will also bring to the world a new method of psychology. Gnosis discovers from the depths of ancient mystical language and secret societies that the truth of Solomon's Temple has been known all along within the realm of esoteric understanding. Using a unique insight gained from years of research and his own infiltration of ancient secret societies Gardiner once and for all tells the truth in plain language ? something the adept and mystic refuses to believe is possible. Also including a massive Knowledge Directory at the end of the book, giving new insight on thousands of arcane myths. Find the true secret of the Knight's Templar and the mysteries of the ancients. Find the truth for yourself in Gnosis

The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life
(UK - now selling)

The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life
(US - coming soon)

by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn

Hardcover 384 pages (September 30, 2005)

Publisher: Watkins Publishing

Language: English

ISBN: 1842931296

This is the story of the discovery of the ultimate secrets of the world's most enigmatic mysteries including the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone.

The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed
by Philip Gardiner (Paperback - May 13, 2005)

    Paperback: 306 pages

    Publisher: William Ernst Publishing Ltd. (May 13, 2005)

    Language: English

    ISBN: 1904126006

Book Description
A prose book. The story of The Shining Ones is the real history of mankind. Every twist and turn on the pathway of human evolution was put there deliberately by this secret priesthood for a mysterious and extremely long-term goal. On our journey to uncover the Shining Ones we will learn that history, as we know it, is a lie. History is, as Justice Holmes said, "what the people who won say it is." It has been warped over vast periods of time to fit with each generation's idea of what is fact and what is truth. Our belief systems, whether religious, scientific or political, have been manipulated by a secret and deadly group of individuals who have a history going back thousands of years. They have a name, they have a power base and they have a secret, locked away within their initiated few, which has major implications for the future of mankind. We will discover the secret and reveal it. Once we decipher the Shining Ones' clues, we will see how the mysteries of the ancient and not so ancient world can now be solved, from megalithic standing stones, the Holy Grail and alchemy to the truth behind religion and our present political systems. We must forget the false interpretations of myth and religion we have heard so many times, and know them for what they really are: the secret language of the Shining Ones.

Proof? Does God Exist?: Is There Any Evidence for the Existence of God?
by Philip Gardiner (Paperback - June 1, 2002)

Paperback 112 pages (January 2002)

Publisher: Radikal Phase Publishing House Ltd

Language: English

ISBN: 1904126014

Book Description

I honestly thought this author must have been joking or quite simply gone mad when he came up with this idea. What on earth gave him the right to poke his investigative nose into this subject? There can never be any proof for God or against Him. And yet I quickly warmed to his method and his intriguing idea of what indeed amounted to proof. In the past we have had the great minds of the world give us their wonderful and philosophical insights into the 4th dimensional or 5th elemental existence of a deity. From Plato to Aquinas we have wandered a road fraught with mental dangers. Whenever we listen to anybody, we simply listen to bias. Most of the apologetics were and are highly evangelical in their methods. Most of the atheists remain disgruntled and violent. The two worlds never meet. Or that’s what I used to think until I read this book.

The author is and has been somewhat of an expert in the field of religion and mythology and has appeared on tv and radio assisting in investigations. He never really lets on what he believes, and yet we read his words and warm to him as a human being. This is ideal when reading up on such a subject. We may be reading from the perspective of believer or unbeliever, but either way we will be opinionated. Philip, gently takes away our anger and guides us through the minefield of evidences. Many of these mines I myself did not even realise existed. What on earth is septenary design? Now I know.

Eagerly I moved forward through this book and with every step I took I was saved from a blunder by this author. It is so easy to make rash judgements and believe in something without all the information. I am glad I read this book and much like when I read his other work, I had my world changed. It may be his background in marketing and his investigative methods, but every time I read this author he amazes me. I implore you to make no decisions, make no judgements about the world until you have read Proof and the authors other work, The Shining Ones.

Many years ago the author challenged himself to find out whether there really was any evidence for the existence of God. This book is the practical conclusion to his searching. Some say there can be no proof either way. This book challenges you to decide for yourself. Outlined within the pages of this book is all the evidence from all sides, in lay-mans terms. It is time to decide for yourself.

    The Forbidden Letters (by Paris 4) NEW

note the jew exploitation of the cooper, like jones and the whole serpent angle exploited by Icke and other pro jew black popers.


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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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039:25........ashareh(yahwehs wife, whom the jew secretly worships) was a serpent goddess. Now overlap ashareh with You now have your crowley whore of babylon in revelation. The Queen of 12 stars(Babylonian/Sumerian Zodiac) in Revelation AKA The Queen of Dragons(although she herself is a sea goddess) is the Ruler of Leviathon(Sea Monster/Serpent) or DRACO

JEW collaborator Crowley saw himself as a Dragon and the temple prostitutes were in fact Scarlet women or WHORES of BABYLON/TIAMAT Worshipers. Note that Crowleys number2 was Israel Regardie, both corrupted the pure Egyptian revivalist tradtion with a rewritten jew version composite. Inserting Babylonian JEW composite teachings into a system which was the antithesis of Babylon pre Akhaneten.

Gardiner also is trying to make the claim that ARTHUR was the Dragon of the scythian Romans. This is false. ARTHUR was from Cornwall/Leeds-Elmet(Leeds and Cornish leaders used to intermarry to unite the north and south against invaders. Old celtic mythology was pure eygyptian tradition (cornwall) with Northern mysticism of Brigantia) and it simply meant "Battle Horseman/Leader". Elmet consistently fought the Romans to a standstill and were independent from everyone up until Ceretic in 816, even when the rest of Yorkshire fell. The Goddess of the Elmetians was Brigantia(Goddess of Victory). The romans tried to equate her to Minerva again the goddess who killed the dragon in roman mytholgy.

Brigandtia was really independent of this. She was simply put as the Goddess of Victory, Death, Earth in her triple aspect. THE ROMANS SAW IN BRIGANTIA THE ANSWER TO THE JEW AND THE LEADER IN THE TERMS OF ARTHUR.

It is for this reason the romans were desperate to gain a roman emperor of YORK, blood of a brigantine empress. For this reason Constantine the founder of christianity was crowned in York with a Brigantian priestess. Constantine conquers rome, founds constantinople and the rest is history after nicea.

Brigantia is not a sea goddess she is the goddess of the hearth and home and she recognises god as the spark of creation.

Brigantia (goddess)

A statuette in the Museum of Brittany, Rennes, probably depicting Brigantia: c. 2nd century BCE

Brigantia was a goddess in Celtic (Gallo-Roman and Romano-British) religion of Late Antiquity.

In the interpretatio Romana, she was equated with Victoria. The tales connected to the characters of Brigid and Saint Brigid in Irish mythology and legend have been argued to be connected to Brigantia although the figures themselves remain distinct.

Further information: Brigantes

The name Brigantia continues the feminine PIE *bhr̥g'hntī, from a root berg'h "high, lofty, elevated". The name is in origin an adjectival epithet simply meaning "the high one", "the elevated one".

An exact cognate is found in the Germanic Burgundi (Proto-Germanic *burgundī, compare Bornholm), in Sanskrit br̥hatī, and in Avestan bǝrǝzaitī, both feminine adjectives meaning "high" (Sanskrit Brhati also being a female given name, as is Old High German Purgunt). The ethnonym Brigantes may either translate to "the high, noble ones" or to "highlanders" (IEW, s.v. "bhereg'h-").
Evidence for Brigantia

Seven inscriptions to Brigantia are known, all from Britain (Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss/Slaby). At Birrens, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland - in antiquity, Blatobulgium - is an inscription:

    Brigantiae s(acrum) Amandus / arc(h)itectus ex imperio imp(eratum) (fecit) (RIB 02091).

Brigantia is assimilated to Victoria in two inscriptions, one from Castleford in Yorkshire (AE 1892, 00098; RIB 00628) and one from Greetland near Halifax, also in Yorkshire (RIB 00627). The later may be dated to 208 AD by mention of the consuls:

    D(eae) Vict(oriae) Brig(antiae) / et num(inibus) Aauugg(ustorum) / T(itus) Aur(elius) Aurelian/us d(onum) d(edit) pro se / et suis s(e) mag(istro) s(acrorum) // Antonin
  • / III et Geta [II] / co(n)ss(ulibus)

At Corbridge on Hadrians Wall - in antiquity, Coria - Brigantia is termed celestial and paired with Jupiter Dolichenus (AE 1947, 00122; RIB 01131):

    Iovi aeterno / Dolicheno / et caelesti / Brigantiae / et Saluti / C(aius) Iulius Ap/ol(l)inaris / |(centurio) leg(ionis) VI iuss(u) dei

There is an inscription at Irthington, Yorkshire DEAE NYMPHAE BRIGANTIAE—"divine nymph Brigantia" (Nicholson).

Garret Olmstead (1994) noted numismatic legends in Iberian script, BRIGANT_N (or PRIKANT_N, as Iberic script does not distinguish voiced and unvoiced consonants) inscribed on a Celtiberian coin, suggesting a cognate Celtiberian goddess.

At Birrens, archaeologists have found a Roman-era stone bas-relief of a female figure; she is crowned like a tutelary deity, has a Gorgon's head on her breast, and holds a spear and a globe of victory like the Roman goddesses Victoria and Minerva (Green 1996, p. 197). The inscription mentioned above assures the identification of the statue as Brigantia rather than Minerva. A statue found in Brittany also seems to depict Brigantia with the attributes of Minerva.

There are several placenames deriving from 'Brigantium', the neuter form of the same adjective of which the feminine became the name of the goddess. Association of these with the goddess is however dubious, since the placenames are easily explained as referring to a "high fort" or "high place" in the literal sense.

Lisa Bitel (2001) noted a wide spread through toponymy:

    The town of Bregenz, at the eastern end of Lake Constance in Austria, retains the older name of Brigantion, a tribal capital of a people called the Brigantii, possibly after a goddess Brigant. The rivers Brent in England, Braint in Wales, and Brigid in Ireland are all related linguistically and maybe religiously to the root Brig/Brigant ... Ptolemy, a second-century geographer, did mention a tribe calling itself the Brigantes in Leinster. But nothing remains of the Irish Brigantes except this single tribal name on a Greek's map, the river Brigid, and much later literary references to saints and supernatural figures named Brigit.

Other towns which may also preserve this theonym include Brigetio in Hungary (Green 1986 p. 161), also Brianconnet and Briançon, both in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. In antiquity, Briançon was called Brigantio and was the first town on the Via Domitia. It is attested by an inscriptions mentioning munic(ipii) Brigantien(sium) (the town of Brigantio)(CIL 12, 00095) and Bri/gantione geniti (the Briganti people)(CIL 12, 00118). At Brianconnet, an inscription mentions ord(o) Brig(antorum) (AE 1913, 00014). There, oak trees were particularly venerated.

The ancient name of Bragança in Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, was Brigantia. The inhabitants today are still called brigantinos. A short distance up the coast, the cities of A Coruña and Betanzos in present day Galicia (which together with the area of present day Portugal north of the Douro river formed the Roman and later medieval kingdom of Gallaecia or Callaecia) were respectively named Brigantia and Brigantium. According to the Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of the Taking of Ireland) Breogán found the city called Brigantia, and built a tower there from the top of which his son Íth glimpses Ireland and then sets sail across the Celtic Sea to invade and settle it.

    Année Epigraphique (AE), yearly volumes.
    Bitel, Lisa M. (2001) "St. Brigit of Ireland: From Virgin Saint to Fertility Goddess" on-line)
    Claus, Manfredd; Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss / Slaby, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. Online epigraphic search tool
    Ellis, Peter Berresford (1994) Dictionary of Celtic Mythology Oxford Paperback Reference, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508961-8
    Gree, Miranda (1986) The Gods of the Celts. Stroud, Sutton Publishing. ISBN 0-7509-1581-1
    Green, Miranda (1996) Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins, and Mothers New York, pp 195–202.
    MacKillop, James (1998) Dictionary of Celtic Mythology. Oxford, Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-280120-1.
    Olmstead, Garret (1994) The Gods of the Celts and Indo-Europeans Budapest, pp 354–361
    Roman Inscriptions of Britain (RIB).
    Wood, Juliette (2002) The Celts: Life, Myth, and Art. Thorsons. ISBN 0-00-764059-5

    This article refers to the Pagan Goddess Brigid. For the Catholic/Orthodox Saint of that name, see Saint Brigid.

In Celtic religion and Irish mythology, Brigit or Brighid ("exalted one"[1]) is the daughter of the Dagda and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She was the wife of Bres of the Fomorians, with whom she had a son, Ruadán.

She had two sisters, also named Brighid, and is considered "a classic Celtic Triple Goddess".[dubious – discuss][2]

She is identified in Lebor Gabála Érenn as a daughter of the Dagda and a poet. The same passage mentions that she has two oxen, Fe and Men, that graze on a plain named after them, Femen. She also possessed the "king of boars", Torc Triath, and Cirb, king of wethers (sheep), from whom Mag Cirb is named.[3] As the daughter of Dagda, she is also the half sister of Cermait, Aengus, Midir and Bodb Derg.

In Cath Maige Tuireadh, Bríg (sic) invents keening while mourning for her son Ruadán, after he is slain while fighting for the Fomorians. She is credited in the same passage with inventing a whistle used for night travel.[4]
Divine responsibilities

In her English translation of Irish myth, Lady Augusta Gregory (Gods and Fighting Men, 1904), describes Brigit as "a woman of poetry, and poets worshipped her, for her sway was very great and very noble. And she was a woman of healing along with that, and a woman of smith's work, and it was she first made the whistle for calling one to another through the night. And the one side of her face was ugly, but the other side was very comely. And the meaning of her name was Breo-saighit, a fiery arrow."

Her British and continental counterpart Brigantia seems to have been the Celtic equivalent of the Roman Minerva and the Greek Athena (Encyclopædia Britannica: Celtic Religion), goddesses with very similar functions and apparently embodying the same concept of 'elevated state', whether physical or psychological.

She is the goddess of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions such as high-rising flames, highlands, hill-forts and upland areas; and of activities and states conceived as psychologically lofty and elevated, such as wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship (especially blacksmithing), healing ability, druidic knowledge and skill in warfare. In the living traditions, whether seen as goddess or saint, she is largely associated with the home and hearth and is a favorite of both Pagans and Catholics. A number of these associations are attested in Cormac's Glossary.
Brigid and Saint Brigid
Question book-new.svg    This section does not cite any references or sources. (February 2011)

Stories and symbology that survive in the persona of Saint Brigid may be related. St. Brigid was associated with perpetual, sacred flames, such as the one maintained by 19 nuns at her sanctuary in Kildare, Ireland. The sacred flame at Kildare was said by Giraldus Cambrensis and other chroniclers to have been surrounded by a hedge, which no man could cross. Men who attempted to cross the hedge were said to have been cursed to go insane, die, and/or to have had their penis wither.

The tradition of female priestesses tending sacred, naturally-occurring "eternal flames" is a feature of ancient Indo-European pre-Christian spirituality. Other examples include the Roman goddess Vesta, and other hearth-goddesses, such as Hestia.

Brighid was also connected to holy wells, at Kildare and many other sites in the Celtic lands. Well dressing, the tying of clooties to the trees next to healing wells, and other methods of petitioning or honoring Brighid still take place in some of the Celtic lands and the diaspora.

Saint Brigid's feast day is on the 1st February celebrated as St Brigid's Day in the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and by some Anglicans. The Gaelic festival coincides with Imbolc, which has sometimes been identified as the remnant of a prehistoric pagan festival associated with Brigid.[citation needed]
Other names and etymology

Old Irish Brigit [ˈbrɪʝɪdʲ] came to be spelled Brighid by the modern Irish period. Since the spelling reform of 1948, this has been spelled Bríd [ˈbriːdʲ]. The earlier form gave rise to the Anglicization Bridget, now commonly seen as Brigid.

    Brìghde/Brìde (Scotland)
    Fraid (Wales) Because of Welsh pronunciation mutations, her name changes to 'Ffraid' in some place names such as 'Llansanffraid' = 'Saint Bride's Village' and Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain
    Breo Saighead ("the fiery arrow" – a folk etymology found in Sanas Cormaic, but considered very unlikely by etymologists)
    Brigindū (Gaul)
    Brigantia (Great Britain)
    Brigantia (former Gallaecia, modern Betanzos)
    Braga (former Gallaecia, modern Northern Portugal)
    Bragança (former Gallaecia, modern Northern Portugal)
    Brigantis (Great Britain)
    Bregenz (Austria)
    Bidang (Philippines)



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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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EDIT ABOVE: "Ceretic in 816" should read Ceretic 616. Sorry.


..........Celtic Cross is the Cross of Thoth and it came from essene jew/druids and/or eygpt from sumeria?(still researching), into elmet and used by Constantine. It is the Theodolite of Judgement of the Pharaoh.

Video explore Constantin's use of the cross instead of the fish.

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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The german death cults which cooper/AJ is so fond of denigrating are in fact german yiddish ashkenazi kabballah death cults of the jew inner party going back via the khazars and eventually to their time in captivity in babylon and Tiamat.


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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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........nice arguementation. The evidence is ample.

Furthermore the khazars before they migrated into germany and eastern europe have white turkish DNA. They are Turkish after they were defeated by a combination of Byzantine, Russ and Vikings for taking white christian slaves. They then moved to Turkey under the protection of Islam to continue Slaving christians.

Khazar Jew = Mind of Jew collective body = Inner Party
Non Khazar/Sephardic Jew = Body of Jew collective body = Outer Party
Goyim = Food = Prolertariat
Khazar Jew = Mind of Jew collective body = Inner Party = Zohar
Non Khazar/Sephardic Jew = Body of Jew collective body = Outer Party = Talmud
Goyim = Food = Prolertariat = Bible will note that although the Babylonian Talmud is considered authoritative the Zohar is considered the modern development and more in the spirit of the Talmud than the Talmud.
......note the twin dragons on Rothschilds Corporation consider the following.........
The Latin motto of the City of London is "Domine dirige nos", which translates as "Lord, direct (guide) us"
......Yes jew lord.
[youtube:6gd372dq][/youtube]6gd372dq] really is a symbol of the sword of light against a background of angel wings.....

Claíomh Solais (reformed spelling), Claidheamh Soluis (unreformed Mod. Ir.)[1] (IPA:Irish pronunciation: [/kɫiːv ˈsɔɫɪʃ/]; an cloidheamh solais (variant spelling[2]) pronunc. roughly /kleeve-solish/), is an Irish term meaning "Sword of Light", or "Shining Sword", which appears in a number of orally transmitted Irish folk-tales esp. of the "adventure in the otherworld (giant's land)" variety. It also appears in numerous Scottish Gaelic folk-tales.[3]

Recent popularized notions equate this weapon with swords from Irish mythology (Cúchulainn's sword Cruaidín,[4] or Nuada's sword, one of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann), but this is not founded on solid literary evidence. A paragraph at bottom will be devoted to the discussion of this comingling, but the present article centers on the survey of the sword of light as they actually occur in stories passed down in the olden days.


In Norse mythology, Lævateinn is a weapon mentioned in the Poetic Edda poem Fjölsvinnsmál. The name Lævateinn does not appear in the original manuscript reading, but is an emendation from Hævateinn made by Sophus Bugge and others. The amended name Lævateinn is etymologically considered to be a kenning for a sword (Old Norse "damage twig"[1]).


The weapon is mentioned briefly in the poem Fjölsvinnsmál:

    Benjamin Thorpe's translation:
    26. Tell me, Fiölsvith! etc.
    whether there be any weapon,
    before which Vidofnir may
    fall to Hel´s abode?

    27. Hævatein the twig is named,
    and Lopt plucked it,
    down by the gate of Death.
    In an iron chest it lies
    with Sinmoera,
    and is with nine strong locks secured.[2]

    Henry Adams Bellows translation:
   41. Svipdag spake:
    "Now answer me, Fjolsvith, the question I ask,
    For now the truth would I know:
    What weapon can send Vithofnir to seek
    The house of Hel below?"

    42. Fjolsvith spake:
    "Lævatein is there, that Lopt with runes
    Once made by the doors of death;
    In Lægjarn's chest by Sinmora lies it,
    And nine locks fasten it firm."[3]

Bellows comments that Lægjarn means "Lover of Ill" and, like the name Lopt, refers to Loki.[3] became under Constantine St Micheal's Sword ... thology%29

A flaming sword is a sword glowing with flame by some supernatural power. Flaming swords have existed in legend and myth for thousands of years.

According to the Bible, a Cherub (or the archangel Uriel in a some traditions) with a flaming sword was placed by God at the gates of Paradise after Adam and Eve were banished from it (Genesis 3:24).

Eastern Orthodox tradition says that from the time Jesus was born, the flaming sword was removed from the Garden of Eden, making it possible for humanity to re-enter Paradise.[1] "Who is like GOD? .....certainly not lizard jews

......bear mind that Constantinople was founded by Constantine the Great all the way from being crowned in York north of Leeds. ... -said.html

St. Michael - Quis ut Deus?: a question answered.
The significance of St Michael was also noted by Benedict XVI in 2007.  

St. Michael defends the cause of God's oneness against the presumption of the dragon, the "ancient serpent", as John calls it. The serpent's continuous effort is to make men believe that God must disappear so that they themselves may become important; that God impedes our freedom and, therefore, that we must rid ourselves of him. 
However, the dragon does not only accuse God. The Book of Revelation also calls it "the accuser of our brethren..., who accuses them day and night before our God" (12: 10). Those who cast God aside do not make man great but divest him of his dignity. Man then becomes a failed product of evolution. Those who accuse God also accuse man. Faith in God defends man in all his frailty and short-comings: God's brightness shines on every individual.

racial memory runs deep it seems........

Fans killed in Turkey violence
English and Turkish supporters clash in Istanbul
English and Turkish supporters clash in Istanbul
Two Leeds United fans have been killed in violent clashes between English and Turkish football supporters in Istanbul.

Tonight is going down as one of those black nights in history

Leeds chairman Peter Risdale
Another man is seriously injured after fighting ahead of Thursday's Uefa Cup clash between the Premiership side and Galatasaray.

Violence broke out about 2030BST after a Leeds fan reportedly insulted a van driver - a knife was drawn and a fan, named by the Foreign Office as Christopher Loftus, 37, was stabbed. A second fan, Kevin Speight, died later in hospital.

Uefa officials decided the semi-final match should still go ahead after a late-night meeting with police chiefs.

Leeds United chairman Peter Ridsdale visited the Taksim Hospital, where Mr Loftus was taken.

Galatasaray's fans are notoriously fervent
Visibly upset, he said: "It is a tragedy. One minute I was talking to Galatasaray directors to promote the friendship between the two clubs and the next minute I receive a telephone call telling me there had been some problems in town and a fan had been killed."

About 500 Leeds have tickets for the match at the notoriously intimidating Ali Sami Yen Stadium, which Turkish fans refer to as "hell".

They have been told to stay in their hotels during the day and to seek a police escort to the match.

Mr Risdale added: "Tonight is going down as one of those black nights in history."

FA spokesman Steve Double said: "We're obviously very worried and deeply saddened for all concerned."

Violent scenes

Turkish television station A-TV showed English fans lying in pools of blood in Taksim Square, in the centre of Istanbul's entertainment district.

One man was being given the kiss of life by a policeman in the middle of the road.

Another Leeds fan was lifted by police into a police car to be taken to hospital.

While police tried the clear the area, there were angry scenes, with Turks standing outside restaurants and hotels shouting at the Leeds fans.

The TV pictures showed a middle-aged man with a Yorkshire accent refusing police help for an injury to his thigh.

He shouted at police: "Go away, I'm alright."

Seconds later he was forcibly bundled into a police car.

A lot of the anger appeared to be aimed at the police, who called for reinforcements, according to the report.

Fans on both sides were said to have used an array of weapons.

History of clashes

Several hundred Leeds fans were due to fly to Istanbul from Leeds Bradford airport at 0700BST on Thursday. That flight has now been cancelled.

Manchester United fans ran into trouble when their side played Galatasaray in Istanbul in 1993.

More than 200 fans were arrested and many more were denied entry to the stadium.

There are fears not only of violence at Thursday night's match but also at the second leg at Elland Road.

Websites frequented by hooligans have been inundated with messages vowing to avenge the two dead Leeds fans at the second leg.

There are also fears that the killings could spark trouble between English and Turkish fans during Euro 2000. Turkey's first match, against Italy, takes place in Arnhem on 11 June while England play the following day, against Portugal, in nearby Eindhoven.


.........Leeds is very aware of the Turks........and GERMAN JEW TURKS
.........Note how the Turks fought with the Germans in WW1 when Allied powers invaded Iraq to aquire the oil that was going to be shipped back through Turkey to Germany.

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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German Death Cults are very real and MASONIC does note the NSDAP outlawed the society.

Note Crowleys(JEW COLLABORATOR) involvement..............

Fraternitas Saturni
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Fraternitas Saturni (lat.: "Brotherhood of Saturn") is a German magical order, founded on Easter 1928 by Eugen Grosche aka Gregor A. Gregorius and four others. It is one of the oldest continuously running magical groups in Germany.[1] The lodge is, as Gregorius states, "concerned with the study of esotericism, mysticism, and magic in the cosmic sense".[2] Today its purpose is in working on the spiritual evolution of humanity by means of development and advancement of the individual being. This is to be attained by mental and ethical schooling of the personality and complete mastery of esotericism and occultism. The FS adopts a system of 33 degrees to reach this goal. The lodge claims further no political or economical objectives. It propagates ideals of freedom, tolerance and fraternity.[3]

    1 History
        1.1 Origins: Pansophia Lodge and the Weida Conference
        1.2 Founding
        1.3 After World War II
            1.3.1 List of grandmasters
    2 Structure
        2.1 Development
            2.1.1 Outline of degree system
        2.2 Contents
    3 Current lodges
        3.1 Fraternitas Saturni
            3.1.1 Known members
    4 Offshoots
        4.1 Ordo Saturni
        4.2 Communitas Saturni
    5 References
    6 Literature
    7 External links

Origins: Pansophia Lodge and the Weida Conference

The Fraternitas Saturni was founded in the wake of the so-called "Weida Conference" in 1925. It succeeded the "Collegium Pansophicum, Orient Berlin" (Pansophia Lodge), a Rosicrucian magical order founded by Heinrich Traenker, a notable German occultist of the time. The Weida Conference was meant to consolidate Aleister Crowley's claims to be the Outer Head of Ordo Templi Orientis and the expected World Teacher. The conference consisted of Crowley's entourage of Leah Hirsig, Dorothy Olsen, and Norman Mudd and the members of Heinrich Traenker's "Pansophia Lodge". Traenker had served as a X° National Grand Master of the German O.T.O. under Theodor Reuss up until Reuss's death. Also attending the conference were the notable film pioneer Albin Grau and Gregor A. Gregorius.[4]

The conference was not a smooth event and Traenker withdrew his support of Crowley. The differences between Traenker and Crowley led to a schism in the Pansophical Lodge between the brothers who disagreed with Crowley and those who accepted Crowley's Law of Thelema, including Gregorius and Grau. Following these differences the Pansophical Lodge would be officially closed in 1926. Those brothers of the Pansophia Lodge who accepted the teachings of Crowley would join Grosche in founding the Fraternitas Saturni - but without Albin Grau.[5]

On Easter 1928, the Fraternitas Saturni was officially founded in Berlin.[6] The Lodge made a formal acceptance of the Book of the Law but they would not answer to Crowley. The FS still thought of him as an important teacher and included the Law of Thelema in most of its teachings, while divorcing itself from direct contact with him. This resulted in the FS developing a different take on the idea of Thelema, which is reflected in the rituals and magical techniques of the brotherhood. The emphasis of the FS lies more on astrological and Luciferian teachings, rather than on Qabalah and Tarot compared to other western magical orders founded in the early 20th century. Because of its unique approach to modern occultism, the FS is considered by many modern authors to be the most influential German magical order.[7]

In 1936, the Fraternitas Saturni was prohibited by the Nazi regime. Gregorius as well as other leaders of the lodge emigrated in order to avoid imprisonment, but in the course of the war Grosche was arrested for a year by the Nazi government. After World War II Gregorius reformed the FS.[8]
After World War II

The end of World War II saw the reactivation of Fraternitas Saturni. First from Riesa in Eastern Germany and later from Berlin, Gregorius tried to contact the Brothers and found lodges in several German cities. By 1957 lodges existed in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, with the Grand Lodge in Berlin.[9] In 1960 the FS had, according to its membership list, about 100 members, but in 1962 internal problems led to the expulsion of several members. Following Grosche's death in 1964, the lodge experienced confusion concerning the position of Grandmaster. This resulted in a schism between the Frankfurt lodge and the main body of the Order. In 1969 the two separate groups of the FS were reunified, ending the former conflicts.[10]
List of grandmasters

    Gregor A. Gregorius (1928–64),
    Roxane (1964/65),
    Daniel (1966–69),
    Jananda (1969),
    Andrzey (1969–77),
    Horus (1977/78),
    Drakon (1978–82),
    Hamupe (1983–86),
    Babacan (1986–90),
    Thot (since 1990).[11]


Originally, there existed nine degrees within the Fraternitas Saturni, not including the Novice, who was not a regular member but a candidate to the Order, and the Grandmaster, which was not a degree in those days but a position held by a single master of the highest degree, guiding the affairs of the lodge. A new member of the Pronaos held the degree of Neophyt (Apprentice), the second degree was called Gradus Mercurii (Journeyman), followed by the Gradus Solis (Master). The first degree in the second order of R + C was called the Gradus Pentalphae, followed by the Gradus Sigilli Salomonis and the Magus Heptagrammatos. The third order called the S. S. G., was formed by the degrees of Templarius, Gnosticus and Magister Aquarius.

The system of degrees was changed in 1960. After the reformation of the degree system and its expansion to 33 degrees, the Gradus Mercurii became 8°, Gradus Solis became 12° and the Gradus Pentalphae became 18°. The other Grades were repositioned as well. The Templarius were renamed Princeps Arcani (24°) and a new degree of Magister Templarius (31°) were installed.[12]
Outline of degree system
Old and new system of degrees
Pre-1960    Label    Post-1960    Label
0°    Novize    0°    Neophyt
1°    Neophyt    1°    Scholasticus Voluntatis
      2°    Scholasticus Verbi
      3°    Scholasticus Vitae
   Frater or Soror    4°    Frater / Soror
      5°    Servus Juris
      6°    Servus Templi
      7°    Servus Ritus
2°    Gradus Mercurii    8°    Gradus Mercurii
      9°    Servus Pentaculi
      10°    Servus Tabernaculi
      11°    Servus Mysterii
R + C
3°    Gradus Solis    12°    Gradus Solis
      13°    Servus Selectus Imaginationis
      14°    Servus Selectus Magicus
      15°    Servus Selectus Elementorum
      16°    Sacerdos Aiones
      17°    Sacerdos Maximus
4°    Gradus Pentalphae    18°    Magus Pentalphae
5°    Gradus Sigilii Salomonis    19°    Magus Sigilii Salomonis
6°    Magus Heptagrammatos    20°    Magus Heptagrammatos
S. S. G.
      21°    Magister Selectus Sapientiae
      22°    Magister perfectum Potestatum
      23°    Magister Magnificus Pneumaticos
7°    Templarius    24°    Princeps Arcani
8°    Gnosticus    25°    Magister Gnosticus
9°    Magister Aquarii    26°    Magister Aquarii
      27°    Groß-Komtur
      28°    Groß-Kanzler
      29°    Groß-Inspekteur
      30°    Magister Maximus Cados
      31°    Magister Templarius
      32°    Princeps Illustris Tabernaculi
   "Meister vom Stuhl" / Grandmaster    33°    Gradus Ordinis Templi Orientis Saturni

In the 1950s, the first two degrees of the Fraternitas Saturni were of theoretical character. The first degree to be attained by work was the Gradus Mercurii (8°). The conditions centered around basic understanding of esoteric principles and a written essay. The second degree to be attained by work was the Gradus Solis (12°), which required a deeper understanding of lodge ritual and two essays. This degree qualified the Initiate to lead a lodge of the FS. Today these degrees require theoretical understanding as well as practical work in the field of occultism.[13]

Another important degree was the Frater (4°), which contained an oath of lifelong commitment. This was later changed and the vow was made part of the attainment of the Gradus Solis. After 1960, the Gradus Solis marked the member as a part of the inner order, the so-called "Grand-Lodge Fraternitas Saturni".

Much speculation has been made around the content of the Gradus Pentalphae (18°), the degree of the pentagram or the five pointed star. As far as it is known, the work of the Gradus Pentalphae was centered around tantric mysticism and sex magic.[14] As many faked documents have been published it is hard to verify the rumors about the contents of this degree.

The Initials of the degree of Gradus Ordinis Templi Orientis Saturni (33°) are similar to the name of the egregore of the lodge - GOTOS.
Current lodges
Fraternitas Saturni

The Fraternitas Saturni became a legal organisation, registered as "Fraternitas Saturni, e.v." in 1957. The Fraternitas Saturni is, beside incorporating new attempts on magic, still working on its traditional roots and enhancing the concept of "Saturn-Magic" as the center of its work.[15] On its 75th anniversary (2003), the lodge incorporated another order of the so-called "Immanuel-succession", the "Grand-Lodge Gregor A. Gregorius". This unification effectively doubled the size of its membership.[16] The Fraternitas Saturni has working lodges in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.[17]
Known members
Question book-new.svg    This section does not cite any references or sources. (November 2011)

    Albin Grau
    Eugen Grosche
    Karl Spiesberger
    Ralph Tegtmeier (aka Frater U∴D∴)

Ordo Saturni

In 1979 some brothers left the Fraternitas Saturni to form their own magical order, called the Ordo Saturni. Although the original lodge kept the name by adjudication, Ordo Saturni claims the "true succession" of the order.[18][third-party source needed]
Communitas Saturni

In 1993 one resigned master ("Immanuel-succession") founded another Saturnian order, the Communitas Saturni, in southern Germany.[19][third-party source needed]

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    ^ Flowers, Fire & Ice, page 23-24
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    ^ Flowers, Fire & Ice, page 73-76
    ^ Gregorius, Der Saturnische Weg der Erkenntnis, and other concepts to be found in: Fraternitas Saturni, Saturn Gnosis Vol. III, No. 1 (Fraternitas Saturni 2008). See also [1]
    ^ According to the their own figures, see: Fraternitas Saturni, Saturn Gnosis Vol. III, No. 1 (Fraternitas Saturni 2008), S. 23-29. See also [2]. Also: Frater Oriphiel, Magische Einweihungspfade (Bohmeier Verlag), S. 128. Stichpunkt "Fraternitas Saturni"
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Willkommen auf den Webseiten der Fraternitas Saturni

Die Fraternitas Saturni oder "Bruderschaft des Saturns" wurde am Karsamstag 1928 e.v. gegründet. Die Fraternitas Saturni ist eine rein esoterische Wissensloge, die den Impuls des Wassermannzeitalters von geistiger Klarheit und Freiheit zu verwirklichen trachtet.

Zielsetzung der Loge ist die Gesamtentwicklung der Menschheit durch Entwicklung und Förderung des Einzelnen. Dies erfolgt in erster Linie durch eine geistige und ethische Schulung der Persönlichkeit für den allgemeinen Lebenskampf und die Beherrschung sämtlicher okkulter und esoterischer Disziplinen. Die Fraternitas Saturni bearbeitet zu diesem Zwecke ein mit dem 33. und höchsten Grade endendes Graduierungssystem.

Die Fraternitas Saturni verfolgt hierbei keinerlei politische oder wirtschaftliche Ziele, sondern befasst sich ausschließlich mit der Entwicklung des Einzelnen und einer über die Naturwissenschaft hinausgehenden Wissenstechnologie. Sie tritt ein für die Ideale von Freiheit, Toleranz und Brüderlichkeit und arbeitet daran, neue Möglichkeiten der menschlichen Entwicklung zu schaffen.

Auf dieser Website informieren wir Sie ausführlich und offen über unsere Organisation, über ihre manchmal sehr bewegte Geschichte, über ihre Arbeit, ihre Ziele und Errungenschaften, über Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und mögliche Zukunft einer der ältesten noch existierenden okkulten Gemeinschaften der Welt.

Denn unser Grundthema, die Befreiung des Menschen von seiner Fremdbestimmtheit, ist und bleibt so hochaktuell, wie es die mehrtausendjährige Geheimtradition, in der wir stehen, schon immer war.

© 2011 Fraternitas Saturni e.V.
Quote ... e/home.htm

The Fraternity of Saturn or "Brotherhood of Saturn" was founded in 1928 on Holy Saturday ev. The Fraternity of Saturn is a purely esoteric Wissensloge that seeks to realize the pulse of the Aquarian Age of spiritual clarity and freedom.

Objectives of the lodge is the overall development of humanity through the development and promotion of the individual. This is done primarily through an intellectual and ethical training of the personality of the general struggle for life and the mastery of all occult and esoteric disciplines. The Fraternity of Saturn processed for this purpose a the 33rd and the highest degree-ending graduation.

The Fraternity of Saturn is pursuing any political or economic goals, but focuses exclusively on the development of individuals and beyond the science knowledge technology. It occurs for the ideals of freedom, tolerance and brotherhood, and is working to create new opportunities for human development.

On this website, we provide detailed information and open about our organization, its sometimes very moving story , about their work , their goals and achievements , past, present and possible future of one of the oldest existing occult societies of the world.

Because our basic theme, the liberation of man from his extraneous determination is, and remains highly relevant, as the more millennial secret tradition in which we stand, always has been.

....note how the Khazars HUNS/MAGYARS married into Scottish Royalty under the Arpads--- Drummonds. The Drummond family were the KABAR/JEW Rothchilds right hand men when the Rothschilds turned up in Britain.

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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Mgt23 are becoming David Icke understudies
....not really. One is finally discovering why the jew is into lizard worship. Or are you denying that? Cold, emotionless heartless killers obsessed with money and treasure. It's interesting that the ADL got all paranoid about Icke egging him in a bookstore brcause they thought his references to shape shifting lizards were references to jews. He's right, it's right in the Zohar and the mental imagery of they Zohar and it correlating shadow tree. The problem with Icke is that doesnt call a spade a spade.

Jews are dragon/demon possessed people......explains alot actually.


The Jews are Dragon/Demonically possessed humans created into such a state by pain based mind trauma inducing a DMT release. This then attaches a Thought-Form alter ego. Classical mind control that starts with pain based JEW CIRCUMCISION. George Orwell alluded to this with his torture of winston in his book 1984. Where the Torturer was Emmanuel Goldstein. You will note that Winstons Forbidden love was the scarlet women.


.....torture at 1:20:20 onwards.........................

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
« Reply #9 on: October 05, 2012, 01:17:36 AM » we can see how the female thought-form parasite fully possesed and took over shayler. You will note the new age hippie associates in the picture. Probably given to him by a temple prostitute from the goddess scene. Very Crowley, very jew.....very  ZOHAR.

The same hippie associates from the masonic jew run project of avalon nuts in glastonbury.

Dolores d(o)-lo-res as a girl's name is pronounced doh-LOR-iss. It is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Dolores is "sorrows". Refers to the Virgin Mary as "Mary of the sorrows".
Read more at ... B8D2XyF.99 ... ayler.html

Call me Delores, says MI5 whistleblower David Shayler

By Christian Gysin
Created 12:45 PM on 16th July 2009

David Shayler

Former spy David Shayler now dresses as a transvestite with the name Delores Kane and thinks he is Christ who 'was a transvestite'

A little over a decade ago David Shayler was a renegade MI5 agent turned whistleblower who was facing prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

Today the 43-year-old has become a squatter - and yesterday showed off his 'alter ego' as he dressed as a transvestite complete with false breasts, mini-skirt and ginger wig.

In recent weeks friends and family of the former spy believe he has suffered a 'severe breakdown' after first calling himself 'The Messiah' and moving into an empty farmhouse in the Surrey countryside.

He now sees nothing wrong in dressing as a woman whom he calls 'Delores Kane' and declares that the 'world will end in 2012'.

Last night his former partner and fellow spy Annie Machon spoke of her sadness at Mr Shayler's plight as she maintained he had suffered a breakdown.

Miss Machon, 40, who now lives in Dusseldorf, Germany, with her new partner blamed the Government and the intelligence services for causing Mr Shayler's current condition.

'I believe David is a good and honourable man but he has had a some sort of severe breakdown. He was a great public speaker and now he is like this.

'I do blame the Government and the intelligence agencies for what he has become and they have ruined his life.'

Meanwhile, Mr Shayler spoke of his new life with eight other squatters with whom he moved into Hackhurst Farm in Abinger Hammer, near Dorking, Surrey at the end of June.

    MI5 whistleblower David Shayler is evicted from his squatter farmhouse

'I know in my heart that I am Christ and I am here to save humanity,' he began.

'I am here to show humanity the way and to show unconditional love and that includes murderers and pederasts.'
Enlarge   Delores, formerly secret agent David Shayler, strikes a pose alongside fellow squatters, from left, Rabbit, Serg Matthews and Chris Owen

Delores, formerly secret agent David Shayler, strikes a pose alongside fellow squatters, from left, Rabbit, Serg Matthews and Chris Owen


With a mug of tea and seated in a plastic garden chair in the front room, Delores enjoys some time out with fellow squatter Chris Owen

Pederasts are described as men who enjoy having sex with young boys.

The troubled Shayler then revealed how he now often dresses in women's clothing and claimed it was 'part of the prophecy' because 'Jesus was a transvestite', adding:

'It was important to have feminine attributes and the people I live with don't mind at all.'

Posing in a wig and leopard print mini-skirt and wearing false breasts beneath a black jumper he proclaimed: 'This is my Alter ego - I am Delores Kane!'

Shayler says he is on a 'mission' to save the world and this would happen through his growing of hemp, adding: 'We have a plan to save the world in four months by growing hemp. If we all started growing this plant we could be free, which is why they have made it illegal to stop people gaining freedom.'
Enlarge   David Shayler, former MI5 officer

Decked out in leopard-print mini skirt and high heels, Delores pouts for the camera

Mr Shayler moved to Hackhurst Farm after being evicted from Tyting Farm, near St Marthas Hill in Guildford. He has been living with a group who call themselves the 'Rainbow Movement.'

'I object to the term squatter, ' he said last night . 'People don't have to pay for mortgages, tax or pay for parking tickets -  these are contracts the government and banks are trying to force us into with our signatures.'
Shayler, pictured with partner Annie Machon in 2003

Shayler, pictured with now ex-partner Annie Machon in 2003, gained notoriety after being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act for passing on secret documents
David Shayler, former MI5 officer

David looking out over the Thames, pictured back when he'd left MI5 and made various claims about the secret service's activities

'The government is imposing laws on us without our consent - the government cannot enforce laws onto us without our consent.

'It is our common law right to be here. When we arrived here there was no one here and the buildings were falling to rack and ruin.

'We are saving this building.'

In recent years Mr Shayler has stated that the that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the American government.

He appears to mirror the thoughts of former sports presenter David Icke who once claimed 9/11 was arranged by the 'Global Elite' and that George Bush , the Queen and singers Kris Kristofferson and Boxcar Willie  were 'Reptilian figures.'

Shayler spoke with genuine sadness about the ending of his relationship with fellow spy Annie Machon when he said:

'One of the hardest things about leaving my other life was leaving the love of my life Annie.

'She stuck with me through everything and we spent  some intense times together. But she soon realised that my spirit was  devoted to God and God only. It was the hardest thing to give up ....but I am Jesus Christ and I now rule everything.

'Since I've joined the Rainbow Movement I've never looked back.

'My life is so  much better now.'

Last night Miss Machon - who split from Mr Shayler in December 2006 - blamed others for his desperate plight, saying:

'He was imprisoned twice - in France and in this country - for being a whistelblower and this is what has happened to him now.

'I hope for his own sake he can find happiness in some way. '

Read more: ... z28OmwrApQ
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......apparently Christ himself. note he is against the zionists 10mins in...............
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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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.....when a jew sacrifices a goat he is attempting to do the same thing as jesus. Take the sin/demon spirit, put it in the goat.....slit its throat causing a DMT release of the goat....opening a spiritual gateway. Now the jew used to do this with humans or still does under blood libel, but abraham told them to use a goat instead of a human sacrifice. Jesus told them to not use even a animal(mammal) and simply used the power of the word/command. ... hew-828-34

The Demons And The Pigs (Matthew 8:28-34)
Study By: Allen Ross
From the Series: An Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew
See More Articles On: other side to help the demon possed man
Printer-friendly versionSend to friend

We continue now in this section of Matthew with a passage that shows that Jesus had authority over the spiritual world, or to be more precise, the world of spirits. Matthew has already recorded the account of the temptation in which Jesus overcame Satan, the prince of demons. But now in His public ministry Jesus encountered humans who had been so controlled by evil forces that they were completely out of control. We use the expression “demon-possessed” to describe these folks, because the demons took control of their faculties and tormented and twisted their lives out of control. But when Jesus came to their area, He brought deliverance for them from the powers of darkness.
Reading the Text

28 When He arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met Him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. 29 “What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?”

30 Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. 31 The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.”

32 He said to them, “Go!” So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water. 33 Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon-possessed men. 34 Then the whole town went out to meet Jesus. And when they saw Him, they pleaded with Him to leave their region.
The Synoptic Parallels

The so-called “synoptic gospels,” Matthew, Mark and Luke, often record the same events but slightly differently. Besides our passage in Matthew, this account is reported in Mark 5:1-20 and Luke 8:26-39, both of which are longer than Matthew’s account. It is important for the Bible Study to compare the passages when studying in one of them for several reasons: 1) to see if there are possible discrepancies that need to be addressed, 2) to gather more information about the event to safeguard the interpretation, and 3) to be able to understand why one gospel writer used only the bits that he did.

First, then, are there apparent discrepancies between the accounts? There are two matters that need to be dealt with. One is the fact that Matthew says that two men met Jesus and the other accounts say one met Him. Some interpreters rather quickly conclude that Matthew simply got it wrong, or invented the second man. Others think that it must be a different event, only remarkably similar. But neither of these explanations is necessary or helpful. The better solution is that Matthew, who was there, had full and separate knowledge of a second man.1_ftn1 There were two demon possessed men. But one of them spoke to Jesus; and the other two gospel writers simply report what they had been told—the conversation between Jesus and the demon-possessed man. Their focus on one man was sufficient for their purpose. Matthew will do the same thing in Matthew 20:30 where he reports two blind men who met Jesus.

Besides, where one person is more remarkable, it is not uncommon to mention that one alone. One could say, “I met John downtown today,” and later add that his family was with him. This would not be considered poor reporting.

The second difficulty is the name of the place. Matthew says it was in the region of the Gadarenes. Mark and Luke say it was in the area of Gerasa. Some of the older Bibles had Gergesa, but that was based on a later manuscript tradition.

Gadara is most likely Um Qeis, about five miles to the southeast of the lake. Josephus, the Jewish historian from the first century, says that Gadara had village settlements on the border of the lake. Remember too that these men lived in the tombs, and they would most likely be outside the city area. This is why Matthew says it was “in the region” of the Gadarenes, not in Gadara.

Mark and Luke say it was in the area of Gerasa. Some have suggested that this would be the city of Jerash. But that is thirty miles to the east, and would not fit the circumstances of the story which took place on the shore of the lake.2_ftn2 Most likely Gerasa is a reference to the village settlement of Koursi, or Kersi, located on the eastern side of the lake. The location in Matthew overlaps with this location; the two names in the gospels simply identify it differently, Matthew with reference to the main town, and the other two with reference to the local village. The area where the miracle took place was in the tomb area outside cities and villages, and could be located either way.

So what looks like some mistakes on a superficial reading really are not such at all. They can be explained easily enough by considering the perspective of the different reporters. But this passage makes us aware of something very important about studying the Bible. If you go into it with the idea that the Bible is filled with irreconcilable errors and falsifications, you can find things like this that you could explain to make your point. But if you go into the study with the idea that these are careful recorders and interpreters of history and with the intent of harmonizing difficulties, you can find reasonable explanations for what appear to be discrepancies. Too many people do not put forth the effort to see if these things can be harmonized. A fundamental rule of literary criticism is that if you find an apparent error in a good author, you assume yourself ignorant until you have exhausted all possible explanations. Too many modern “scholars” do not want to assume themselves ignorant; rather, they assume they know more than the writers.

The second purpose of comparing the accounts is to ask what additional material the other accounts give us. Since both Mark and Luke are longer, there will be a lot more information. All three accounts put this event at the same time in the sequence of events, and all three have the basic facts about the miracle and the pigs and the people from town. Matthew does not give the name “Legion,” which refers to the number of demons, nor the number of the pigs. Matthew does not give the details of the torment of the demon-possessed in the tombs. And Matthew does not record how the demon-possessed sat, clean and healed and sane, wanting to follow Jesus. So with all accounts the whole picture emerges of the nature of demon possession and the dramatic change as a result of the exorcism. When we interpret Matthew, we work with the material Matthew gives us, but knowing the details from the other accounts we may be precise in what we say about what Matthew actually gives us.

Third, why does Matthew not include these extra details? I think it is one of the evidences of the integrity of Scripture that these writers could simply include what they wanted to include for their purposes, rather than get their material together to make sure it was all the same. In that case, there would be no reason for the different gospels. But each was writing to a different audience to present a specific perspective. Matthew wants to present Jesus as the Son of God, the King of the Jews, in full authority over all the powers in the world, both physical and spiritual. This he did with the material he used. Mark and Luke are interested in this too, but they also have an interest in Jesus as the perfect man, the Son of Man, who meets all the needs of mankind. For them the descriptions of the wretchedness of a demon possessed person contrasted with his saneness after being healed are important to their audiences. Besides, since this miracle takes place in Gentile territory and not Jewish, they have added interest.
Theological Background

You will have to do a little bit of reading in dictionaries and theologies, whatever you have available, on this whole issue of demon-possession. To the modern skeptics of the Bible, some who claim to be Christian, demon-possession is rubbish. They might say that it was just a primitive way people had to describe psychic or social disorders. But the Scriptures are not so accommodating to popular superstitions; if they were false or fanciful, they would correct them. Rather, they clearly affirm that there is a spirit world all around us that cannot be ignored.

The revelation of this began for Matthew with the account of the temptation. Satan, or the Devil, according to the biblical tradition, was an archangel who was cast out of heaven when he rebelled against God. Apparently, he took a sizeable number of the angels with him. These fallen angels are what are referred to as demons. It is interesting in our passage that the demons instantly recognize who Jesus is and know that His presence could mean judgment on them. They remember Him from glory; they knew His mission on earth; and they know that all judgment has been given over to Him.

I will not list all the passages of Scripture on this subject because there are so many of them. But certainly the account in Genesis 3 introduces the conflict between the seed of the woman (humans, and ultimately Jesus) and the seed of the serpent, demons. Revelation 12:7-9 gives us further identification of this Serpent and his angels. Jude 8-10 gives us another window on the spiritual struggle in the spirit world, as indeed Daniel 10:13 mentions with the spirit power behind Persia. Ezekiel 28:11-19, a prophecy addressed to the king of Tyre, very quickly begins to speak of the spirit power behind him, and is one of the biblical hints to the history of Satan. And 1 Peter 3:19 seems to be referring to evil spirits who have been imprisoned since the flood for leaving their first habitation and corrupting the race, probably a reference to the horrendous hubris of Genesis 6:1-4. It was to these that Jesus while ascending to heaven to declare His great victory over them.

Well, there is enough material on this subject to keep you busy for some time. But what the Bible indicates is that some of these spirits can become aggressively active in dark areas of disobedience and corruption—where people make it easy for them to function. But where righteousness and purity exist, the demons have no desire to remain. Apparently they liked this region of the Gadarenes, and did not want to leave. As we shall see, some demons are harder to deal with than others, as Jesus explained to his disciples, and required much prayer. Accordingly, Mark and Luke tell how Jesus had been commanding these to come out.

Can Christians be demon-possessed? You need to do some reading on this issue; but I will say at this point that I think the Bible teaches that they cannot. They might be attacked and caused a great deal of trouble in the spiritual battles of life; but if the Holy Spirit is indwelling the Christian, as the Bible affirms, then demons cannot. And the Bible tells Christians to resist the devil and he will flee from them; how they resist the devil is by submitting to God (James 4:7). Apparently there are too many easier places for evil to lodge than in a Spirit-controlled Christian who is aware of Satan’s devices and resists them.

But I am reminded of a caution by C. S. Lewis. People make two mistakes in considering demons and demon activity: either they discount it and think nothing of it, or they become too fascinated and too pre-occupied with it. Demon activity is real, more active in some darker3 regions than others, but is something the Christian should not live in fear of, for Christ has won the victory over all such evil forces.
Observations on the Text

Well, with a little of that reading behind you, you can think some more about the details of Matthew’s account. One thing to observe is that the setting for the encounter is on the other side of the lake—across from Capernaum. A look at the political map of the day will indicate that this was largely Gentile territory. It was in this part of the land that the Decapolis was established—the league of ten, largely Gentile, cities.

This explains the pigs. As most people know, pigs were considered an unclean animal by the Jews. The Law of Moses strictly ruled out eating pork. There were a number of reasons for this: some animals that were called unclean were objects of pagan worship, some were scavengers on unclean carcases, some were out of the order of creation (fish that don’t swim, birds that don’t fly) — quite a number of issues involved. You can read up on Israel’s dietary laws (in the late spring my commentary on Leviticus, Holiness to the LORD, will be out and has a full discussion). But Gentiles at that time ate pork. It is possible that the Gadarenes were Gentiles, and that the owners of the pigs were Gentiles as well. It is also remotely possible that they were Jews who could not eat pork but could sell them to Gentiles. In either case, the raising of pigs in the land of Israel was something that could not be justified by the Law of Moses. Jesus’ use of the pigs in this exorcism attests to that point.

Once again the narrative is a blend between the events and the discourse. In Matthew’s account we have only one word from Jesus—”Go!” But the way it is stated, and the circumstances of its statement, indicate that it has all the authority of the heaven in it. The rest of the speeches are made by the demons in their initial address to Jesus and their appeal to Him to enter the pigs. So the structure is:

    A. Meeting the violent demon-possessed at the shore of the lake

        B. Demons worry that Jesus has come to judge them early and request to be sent into the pigs

            C. Jesus sends them into the pigs.

        B’ Pigs run down into the lake and drown.

    A’ Meeting the people of the town who reject Jesus.

At the center of the story is the miracle that transformed the pathetic demon-possessed people into normal, healthy individuals again, one of the most dramatic examples of the mission of the Son of God in this world to rescue people from the prince of darkness and make them whole, physically and spiritually. But the greatest contrast is between the demon possessed who are saved from the torments of the evil one, and the “respectable” people of the town want Jesus to leave their coasts. They thought these men were the worst of humanity, but they proved to be.

We can break the passage down into several sections than that will make the study easier to analyze. The first will be the meeting with the Gadarenes. The second will be the exorcism. And the third the reaction of the people.
The Analysis of the Text

I. The Meeting with the demon-possessed Gadarenes (8:28,29). The text tells us that as soon as Jesus got out of the boat on the other side of the lake these men came running to meet him. Matthew simply mentions that they were so violent that no one could tame them. We know also people tried to tame them by chaining them, but they broke the chains. People then just avoided these two since they were so dangerous. They lived outside the city among the tombs, a place that was ceremonially unclean for Israel, but fitting for demons.

But there is more going on here than two men running to meet a boat. They shouted at Jesus, “What do you want with us, Son of God? Have you come to torture us before the appointed time?” Clearly, the demons had taken possession of the various capacities of these two men, and it was they who were speaking through the men.

What they say is most significant. First, they knew exactly who Jesus was. The disciples in the boat may have been trying to figure it out, but the demons knew that this was the Son of God—or as the other narratives have it, the Son of the Most High God, stressing His sovereignty over all spirits. These demons were free to be doing their worst in and through these men; but the presence of Jesus on their shores was trouble for them.

Second, they knew that Jesus had the power to destroy them, and that there was an appointed time for Him to do that. John 5:22 tells us that the Father has given all judgment over to the Son, that the Father judges no one. These spirits knew that the Judge was stepping into their territory, and they were afraid their freedom would now be cut short. What a strange phenomenon, though, to have demons knowing that they will someday be judged, but can only think of preserving their wicked little experience for the time being. And that is how they often convince people to think.

The irony is that they were afraid of being tortured before the appointed time; but in the meantime they would torture and torment these two poor souls. How this demonic activity in the region came about, we do not know. But it seems that in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts when the truth of Christ began to make significant inroads into the lives of people to rescue them from sin and death, there was plenty of spiritual opposition. We saw this at the outset of the Gospel with Herod trying to destroy Jesus. He was not acting alone.

2. The casting out of the demons (8:30-32). After this initial confrontation, the demons begged Jesus to send them into a herd of pigs that was nearby. If they could not stay in the men, they at least could stay in the area. And unclean pigs would be a natural place for the unclean spirits.

And Jesus said “Go!” The ease of the command demonstrates the authority of Christ. He had just rebuked the wind and the waves, “Peace. Be still.” Now he expels the legions of demons with one word, “Go!” It anticipates the Bible’s revelation of the judgment of people, in which He simply will say, “Depart, I never knew you.” Here is true authority—He commands illness to depart, storms to calm, and demons to leave. And Matthew wants the reader to see it in its simplicity and clarity.

The contrast in the story is wonderful. Here are these powerful evil spirits. But they are in a panic, afraid of Christ, worried their days are coming to an end, knowing that a judgment is appointed for them. They may exert power over these two poor wretches, but against Christ they have no power at all, and they are desperate.

Now, when the demons go into the pigs, those poor animals cannot bear up under their presence, and they run headlong down into the lake and drown. Mark tells us that there were about 2,000 animals. What the humans tolerated and lived with these unclean animals could not. The sudden shock to their systems of the evil spirits drove them into the sea.

We said in an earlier lesson that the sea was to the ancient world a symbol of evil, of the primordial chaos. It was fitting, then, that the demons were rushed down into the sea where the pigs died. The demons themselves would not drown, but were driven out by Jesus and knew that He was controlling them and their destiny. It is possible that when they rushed into the lake they rushed further into the abyss (see the other accounts) and were imprisoned. But the text does not say. The story is concerned with the victory over demons and the rescue of these men.

III. The rejection of the people (8:33,34). The news quickly spread to the town about what had happened, and no doubt to the owners of the pigs. Many rushed out to see for themselves what had happened, to see if these men had been truly cleansed from the demons. It was something that would have been impossible to imagine, given the history of the men.

But the amazing thing is that when they saw Jesus they pleaded with Him to leave their region. Why would they not welcome Him as the great deliverer, the one who could solve the problems and needs of the human race? Perhaps they thought only of their loss of the pigs. Or, perhaps they were more afraid for themselves, for this was no ordinary prophet in their midst, but one who judges and casts out evil. Perhaps they did not want that kind of power coming into their region, for they might have had a lot to give up as well. We do not know, as we do not understand why some believe and some do not. But they did not want Him there among them. And so the gospels record this as one of the great rejections of Christ in spite of all the evidence of who He was.
Old Testament Correlations

I have already referred to Old Testament passages where satanic or demonic activity first began to appear and create havoc in the world. But with regard to such evil tormenting of humans, one thinks naturally of the Book of Job. Satan had been roaming in the earth, no doubt seeking whom he might devour as Peter puts it. And God challenged him with Job. Satan could try to destroy Job’s integrity by attacking his whole life. But, to put it perhaps too crassly, God was betting on Job. In the arrangement God was sovereignly in control of Satan; He gave him permission to torment Job, but not to take His life. God was going to prove to Satan that faith overcomes suffering. In the Book of Job, then we get a picture of God’s sovereign control of Satan in what he can do in the human race.

New Testament Correlation

Outside the Gospels we have several passages that deal with the problem of spiritual conflict (and your reading will open these up). Perhaps of primary interest to us in our spiritual struggles is the fact that we are still dealing with spirit forces, even though it looks like we have struggles with humans. Paul says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms (Eph. 6:12). It may appear that we are dealing with people, but Paul says that something greater is at work in them. Therefore, we cannot fight this conflict with ordinary weapons, and certainly not with our own wits and knowledge, but we must use spiritual weapons, which he proceeds to list in the chapter.

And, as I mentioned before, the New Testament tells us that the victory over Satan and his demons is certain, because Christ has defeated them at the cross and at the resurrection (see the sermon on Revelation 12 in our archives). We need only resist the devil and he will flee from us. And, of course, we look forward to the day when Christ will destroy all such forces of evil.
Conclusion and Applications

The main point of the passage, then, is that Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, has absolute authority over all the spirit world, over Satan, over demons, and over those whom they control. That he expelled this legion of demons shows this authority; and it was a preview of the final judgment of these evil spirits.

But that final judgment would not occur until there was the victory at the cross when the head of the Serpent would be crushed (Gen 3:15). Interestingly enough, when his disciples tried to prevent the arrest of Jesus, Jesus made it clear that He was in control and would die. He said that He could ask His Father and His Father would send legions of angels to destroy the world. But then, the Scripture would not be fulfilled. There was a judgment to be fulfilled before the final judgment of evil, and that judgment would take place at the cross. Once that was achieved, then it would be just a matter of time before Christ would put down all enemies.

The immediate response of people to this revelation about Christ is to worship and to serve Him as the true Son of God. And they should also take great comfort and encouragement in the fact that He has complete control over the forces of evil in the world. Knowing the power of Christ casts out all fear.

We learn from other passages that humans alone are no match for such evil spirits. But we have the Holy Spirit within, and He is greater than the one who is in the world. And we have the spiritual resources for engaging in this spiritual battle. Paul does not instruct us to get involved with conflicts with and exorcisms of evil spirits; but he does instruct us on how to use spiritual weapons in our warfare--truth and righteousness and salvation and the gospel--to drive out evil and to rescue people from sin and death.

So the passage makes us aware of the problem, but it provides us with confidence and courage because of the authority of Christ. In an application we usually say to identify with people in the story to get ideas. Well, this is a little difficult here. We would say not to be like the “respectable” but “law-breaking” citizens of the town who wanted Jesus to leave because he upset their system. We would say to follow Christ and share in his victory over evil, by presenting Christ to the lost and troubled world. And while most of us were not rescued from demons like them, we can share with the Gadarenes the testimony that Christ has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and made us whole.

1 Some have tried to argue that Matthew made up the second man so he could have “two witnesses” according to the Law. But this is completely unwarranted, for there is not an emphasis in Matthew on witnesses.

2 On one of our trips to the area we were discussing the terrain, and one of the group who happened to raise pigs said that the miracle had to be close to the water at a down hill slope, because pigs are not great cross-country runners. Some wag in the group, a clever student no doubt, said, “Yes, but these were demon possessed pigs.”

3 By darker regions I do not simply refer to primitive locations with voodoo and ritual magic. It is pretty clear that Hitler’s Nazi world was driven by demon forces, given Hitler’s hatred of the biblical God and Christ, and his attachment to the occult.

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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30:00min mark onwards............rabbitting on about jew Kabbalah................VERY REVEALING

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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further modification.........

Khazar Jew = Mind of Jew collective body = Inner Party = Zohar = Murder Cult
Non Khazar/Sephardic Jew = Body of Jew collective body = Outer Party = Talmud = Sex Cult
Goyim = Food = Prolertariat = Bible

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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Jay Weidner seems to think that Stanley Kubrick thought that the Saturn Cult was Yiddish 08:35.......and that the orgy scene was filmed at the Rothschild house and the film was a cover of Operation Monarch.


................again the central premiss is that the german death cult is in fact a german yiddish khazarian cult of saturn.

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Re: Khazars, the Kabbalah and German Death Cults
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............this has a new section on the Goddess Asherah/Astarte etc etc + the serpent. 0:40:00 + onwards..................
............this video is one of the best videos on jew symbolism i've seen. It's amazing and he's gone and improved on it from two years ago. Now expand more on the Jew being the serpent and we can call it a day.............


........note the black cubes on the jew priest foreheads

0:38 Saturn was the ruler of ATLANTIS..............perhaps you now see why i reject the atlantean mythology of the SS and Himmler.



........notice the Kabbalah use of the seperot by the tenth logo in channel.